Dame Vivienne Westwood's Opus book launch, Rambo and Elle Style Awards

Posted by Dean Piper On February 13th, 2008

My evening began heading off to the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park for the launch of Dame Vivienne Westwood’s new Opus book. Only 900 or so copies have been printed of this fabulous fashion book featuring stars including Kate Moss, Rosamund Pike and Naomi Campbell. The actual book is about four feet tall and three feet wide and weighs a tonne.

The champagne flowed as I spoke to Henry Conway (the politician’s son) who wore a knitted mink scarf……PETA will be thrilled.

I also caught up with the fabulous model Olivia Inge – who showed off a larger than usual cleavage thanks to her push up bra, Tyrone and Leah Wood, Piers Morgan, Scott Henshall, Lady Victoria Hervey, Skin from Skunk Anansie (who wore a ridiculous orange wig style hat) and the gorgeous model Erin O’Connor.

But the real highlight was meeting the Dame herself and doing a picture – she rocks and still pushes so many buttons in the fashion world. She told me the book was one of her achievements she’s most proud of….
The party was actually quite bonkers, with dogs, toddlers and crazy haired people running about the venue. Viv also had her mother along to party with her – she sat in a red tracksuit in a roped off VIP area. She must be at least 90 years old!

From the Serpentine I chose to give it a go popping into the Rambo film premiere in the hope of getting a picture with Sly Stallone. He walked in with Topshop boss Phillip Green at the Rex Cinema and Bar off of Leicester Square. I was primed with a photographer and ready.

First observation – his face is so pumped full of filler he looks like a talking jam donut when he speaks. Weird. Other guests there included Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent, Danielle Lloyd, Matthew Marsden (yes, really him from Corrie. He stars in the film) and Danny Cipriani.

Sly’s US publicist scowled at me she would “deal with the press later”. Sly was literally inches away from me. I decided I don’t do waiting – especially not when the PR looking after the ‘talent’ is a complete twerp – so I left for the next party as there were bigger fish to fry at the Elle Style Awards.

Elle was the usual barrel of laughs. I arrived after the awards that saw the likes of Kylie Minogue (who won Woman of the Year), Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson turn up to pick up their awards. Hilariously the awards were this year held at The Westway leisure centre in Notting Hill. Stupid venue – imagine all the big stars arriving to find out they were having dinner on a netball court with a rug on the floor.
Also it took over an hour for anyone to get a cab out of that place…..horrific.

I hung with Heidi Range from Sugababes and her bearded boy toy Dave Berry. Heidi told me she’s looking forward to recording another new album with the band – they are near to signing a new deal…..and that she’s unfortunately missing the Brit Awards next week because the girls are in Paris. She will hit some after parties though!
Also on the table was Emma Griffith, Holly Willoughby (who looks far more plain Jane in real life than she does on the telly) and Dermot O’Leary.
At one point Dermot made me a vodka coke and brought it round to me by doing a really camp pirouette! He’s a funny one.

The night was all about new designer Henry Holland and new model of the moment Agyness Deyn. She looked so shit hot with her pink jacket and pink sunglasses. She’s just so out there!

Geri Halliwell might not be so happy to hear that her “man of the moment” David Walliams was overheard talking to a group of young guys saying: “Anyone seen any fit girls?” He’s clearly not quite ready to settle down…..

Kelly Brook looked stunning making her first appearance since her father died and revealed she’s just been on holiday with her mother to refresh and relax. Good for her.

All the real gossip will be revealed in next week’s column!

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