Exclusive: Heath Ledger WAS dating model Gemma Ward when he died

Posted by Dean Piper On February 12th, 2008

Shortly before Heath Ledger died on January 21 it was rumoured that he was dating Aussie model Gemma Ward. Well my mole in New York tells me the pair WERE in fact dating at the time of his death and she’s currently mortified by the entire thing and keeping a low profile. My source tells me: “Heath was seeing Gemma and although it was early days things were going well and he was really into her. She saw a future with Heath and they’d kept their fling so private. So she’s understandbly broken and in pieces.”

The Joker actor was believed to have been dating bush baby lookalike, Mary Kate Olsen, but it seems that was a load of tosh!!!

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  1. Rowena from Perth Says:

    Yes and they spent Christmas together in Perth and their families met each other. He was also spotted in a restaurant in Perth with Gemma and a few friends and he was sporting a new tattoo on his arm with the word Gemma surrounded by a fancy love heart. The guy who spotted them said ‘it must be true love’.

  2. Susan Says:

    I loved the idea of Gemma and Heath togerher. What a shame we didnt’ get to see any pictures of them. I’m not surprised though, I think Heath was a very private person and he wouldn’t have wanted to ruin their relationship by having the press chasing them around. I hope she gets over this loss and finds love again. It’s sad because I’ve never known her to have a boyfriend……maybe Heath was her first?

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