Nokia, Celebrity Nose of the Year and Raffles

Posted by Dean Piper On February 8th, 2008

The thing about ‘celebrity’ parties nowadays is you have to assess who is a celebrity and who isn’t. And last night was a little lacking for me.

It is my belief that a celebrity has to have some sort of talent. I don’t care about the girl next door, the WAGs or the Big Brother reject. Don’t get me wrong, good on them for managing to become a name for no reason. But I need more than that.

So the evening began…..

I started my night at the mobile phone company Nokia store launch on Regent Street. It was full of some interesting characters. Patrick Wolf wore a stuffed blackbird on his head and walked around trying to grab attention, drag Queen Jodie Harsh was on the wagon and being particularly well behaved (for once), Lisa Moorish sat near the back and didn’t mingle much, Dizzee Rascal and Jaime Winstone posed up for snaps and TV presenters Hannah Sandling and Jenni Falconer gossiped about dresses for the BAFTAS. GMTV’s Jenni says she’s just “throwing something on last minute”.

From there I headed out to the Perfume Shop Celebrity Nose of the Year award held at upper class curry house Mint Leaf. This was the bash I had trouble distinguishing the celebrities at.

Stefan Booth from Dancing on Ice was fidgety after leaving his pregnant – and overdue – wife Debbie at home…..he will become a dad any day now.

BB nobody Nikki Grahame (who, I hear you cry) continually wanted attention and kept doing her laborious stropping to get attention. Looooooser. Aisleyne (another nobody) was posing for snaps with autograph hunters like she was Cameron Diaz. Oh dear. Then there was those twins Samanda – who are very pretty but what the hell do they do?

The only Big Brother person that I do actually find amusing is Chantelle Houghton. She just doesn’t give a toss and is relishing in her new glamour girl getup. I asked her what she was up to nowadays work wise. She replied giggling: “All I do is model and party. I love waking up on a Sunday feeling dead. It’s great to be hungover. I was trying to go classy when I was with Preston – but now I’m being the real me.” Hysterical.

Her new boobs are literally like bowling balls – but she’s strangely lovable. She also had a go at Jordan which made me laugh considering she’s morphing into Jordie in the early days. She said: “Jordan needs to stop slagging all us models off with big boobs – she’s had hers reduced but hers are still bigger than mine. And saggier.”

The only real ‘names’ there were Strictly star Alesha Dixon and Corries Tina O’Brien -who walked away with the gong for best nose. I’m sure that’s a career highlight for Tina…..

They should have called the awards the Celebrity Nose Bag of the Year and invited all the celebs that have been exposed doing coke and crack this year! How out of control would that have been!

Other people at the bash included DJ Tom Crane, Andy Scott-Lee, Melanie Slade, Caroline Feraday, Nate James, and Kim Mazelle.

From there I caught a lift with Stefan Booth and went to Raffles on the Kings Road where I was swinging on the rafters until late! Needless to say, the head feels fuzzy today.

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