DKNY and Selfridges

Posted by Dean Piper On February 8th, 2008


I’ve always wanted to have my picture taken looking elegantly stunning and like a true star in black and white. And I’ve just found a way of achieving this thanks to the team over at DKNY.

The exclusive fashion label has just launched this fantastic DKNY photo booth in association with Mark Van S at London’s Selfridges store. It’s quite simple – you go to the second floor womenswear, stand in front of the exquisite lighting booth and snap away to your little heart’s content.

You can do solo shots and milk the glamorous look for all its worth (like I did) or you can do it with a friend. It’s so much better than going inside one of those God awful photo booths which often smell of dirty tramps!

But the booth not only gives you the most flattering effect possible – you also help raise money for charity too. DKNY are asking of just £1 upwards – with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross – to use the booth and for that you get your picture to take home as well as being beamed into the legendary window of Selfridges on Oxford Street itself. I’m actualy being beamed into the window as we speak.

So get yourself down there pronto and you too can look like a superstar….

P.S. Thanks to my Booth Bitch Georgia from Purple for guiding me into looking as uber cool as I look! It’s all down to you schweedie!

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