Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue and that thing called Jordan

Posted by Dean Piper On February 4th, 2008

There were lots of weird stories in the papers this weekend. Here’s my thoughts!

First of all – Kylie Minogue has got back together with her French ex boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Well, good for her I guess. He was rumoured to have cheated on her throughout their last union together. Let’s hope he can keep his “La Saucisse” in his pants this time around.
Hilariously the papers and mags are already jumping to conclusions that the pair “are trying for a baby”. Writing about Kylie and her supposed battle for a baby became so utterly laborious last time around. I just hope we let them get on with it this time around. Good on you Kylie – and after a couple of shitty years I hope things are on the up for you.

I was less shocked to read about “The Real Jordan” after the former glamour girl was exposed as a bad mum and everything else by her former nanny. I used to know Jordie and she was always funny – but I always knew she could be the biggest pain in the backside! So I loved reading the sacked nanny Becky Gauld’s real story behind the pair’s marriage. We all knew they weren’t getting on, that she struggled as a mother and that she continually bickers with Peter Andre. And now we know what has been going on behind closed doors too! The story certainly made coffee time more exciting on Sunday morning.

I’m absolutely loving reading all the various rumours about why the Spice Girls have called time on their world reunion tour. So far Victoria, the two Mel’s, the Beckham kids and even Emma Bunton have come under scrutiny from the media. Closer Magazine reveals the truth about what’s actually been going on tomorrow in our new issue. Let’s just say – she botched it last time around and she’s gone and done it again according to our Spice mole on the road with the girls!

THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO: Bafta Film Awards on Sunday, the Brits on Feb 20th (televised live on ITV1 at 8pm), the Elle Style Awards next Tuesday and of course…..Fashion Week!

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  1. Katy Lynn Says:

    Ah no, I so wanted Kylie to be making ze lurve with David Tennant and not the Welsh bird from Dinas Powys.

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