Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton Preggers? Oh, and Nadine Coyle gossip!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 4th, 2008

So Natasha Hamilton, of Atomic Kitten fame, performed at GAY at the weekend. If you ask me I think she’s preggers for sure….

Expect an announcement within days. She’s wearing a baggy top, weightier than usual and been trying to get oooop duff with new hubby Riad Erraji for ages. It looks like the storks visited! Click here to see piccies of Natasha all covered up in her sexy knee highs!

Also…..I hear the lovely Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud is intending on spending lots more spare time in LA when she gets holiday time from her girlband commitments. In fact, Nadine is going to be usinga room at Lady Victoria Hervey’s swanky new LA pad as a base for all of her LA trips. Victoria tells me: “Nadine is going to crash when she’s in town. She’s a lovely girl.” I couldn’t agree more – she is an all round good egg.

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