Spice Girls Gossip

Posted by Dean Piper On February 1st, 2008

It’s fairly usual for a kiddie on a plane to be able to visit the cockpit on a flight from time to time. But when your name is Pheonix Chi Brown, Spice Girl Mel B’s daughter, you get to do an entire announcement to passengers on the plane! My mole on Mel B’s flight reveals: “Pheonix did an announcement that would have usual been made by the air hostesses! Everyone realised it was the Spice Girl daughter and they clapped her and everything.” Sweeeeet.

I hear the touring equipment left the airport on 25 trucks – causing absolute traffic chaos for anybody near the airport. And Mel B and the crew travelling with her on the flight had no less than 76 bags which took a lot of organising baggage claim. They don’t travel light do they!

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