EXCLUSIVE Interview with model Caprice

Posted by Dean Piper On January 30th, 2008

In the old days Caprice would grace men’s mag covers, wore skimpy outfits galore and was famed for her party lifestyle. But thankfully all that’s changed nowadays and she’s a strong minded businesswoman, the closest she’s ever been to marrying and even contemplating kids. How times have changed…..
Hi Caprice, You are currently releasing another new range of your By Caprice lingerie – what’s the differences between you and say Elle Macpherson, who also has a range?
The difference between ‘Elle McPherson Intimates’ and ‘By Caprice’ is that they have a license deal and I don’t. She worked with a company to produce her range and I’ve gone on my own and put all my money into ‘By Caprice’ and I sell it by myself.

How much involvement do you actually have?
I’m involved in every single decision. Everything. If you invest your money into a business every single day it becomes a totally different putting your ‘face’ to a range.

Lingerie models have got a little curvier of late across the board – is this a good thing?
Thank God! I just think it’s realistic and it’s healthier. I think it’s disgusting to see a girl that’s size zero, even size two, walking the catwalk. I think it’s disgustingly unhealthy. I’ve always had curves and I don’t even think my body would go that thin.

How conscious are you about your weight?

I’m super conscious. I’m constantly watching what I eat and I’m exercising a lot now. I think as I’ve gotten older my metabolism has slowed a little and I really have to pay extra attention to what I eat and I have to work out more.

How often do you work out?
I do a lot of the cross-trainer, I do spinning class, I do a lot of weights so I tone a little bit and I like to run in the park. I do a lot of riding too – I ride my bike about everywhere. So it varies because I get bored with the monotony of it, I can’t stand exercising, in fact I hate it.

Do you have a trainer?

I don’t really need anyone to inspire me to get going it’s just when I see that extra bit of fat kind of sneaking on the hips and the butt, you know, that’s inspiration enough for me. I think when I started the whole modelling thing is when I started to become incredibly vain and incredibly conscious of everything aesthetically and working out was a part of that.

How do you keep your tummy so flat?
That is my mum! I have put weight on before and weight goes to my butt and my hips! I’m constantly dieting too!

You are settled with Elle’s ex John Hitchcox – do you feel settled?
You know what it’s my most serious relationship ever. I really love it. It makes every else in my life more solid. We’ve been together for a year and half now.

Are we going to see a wedding one day?
Gosh, I’ll have babies but I don’t know about a wedding. Or if marriage is for me!

Would you say you’re broody?
I’m not broody yet but one day I do want kids!

Are you age conscious?
No, not yet. Maybe in the future I will be.

Newspapers constantly speculate about botox and surgery with you – your thoughts?
Do they? I didn’t know that.

Would you consider botox?
Let me tell you when things go haywire I will definitely consider the works. I will be the first one to say yes. But not now.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
I want to have one of the biggest lingerie companies in the world, kids and a man that I can grow old with!

Caprice is By Caprice lingerie and swimwear is available at ASOS,
Figleaves and Littlewoods catalogue or log onto www.bycapricelingerie.com.

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