Heath Death: My Thoughts

Posted by Dean Piper On January 23rd, 2008

The reason I think I was so sad and shocked by the surprise death of Heath Ledger is quite simple. I was prepared for two other stars to be dead before him.
You could say the entire showbiz world has been on ‘stand by’ for the past few weeks for the death of either Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse from a drugs overdose.
And then out of the blue came the news that Heath had been found dead in bed with a bottle of pills next to his bed.
Of course it’s extremely sad, especially considering the fact he leaves behind a two-year-old daughter with former partner Michelle Williams, but isn’t it sad that one of the reason’s the showbiz world is stunned is because we were prepared for another death in celebrityville?

Seven years ago when I started working at the Daily Mirror on 3am I was always shocked that they had obituaries written for celebrities in case of an untimely death. Back then Michael Jackson, the Queen Mother and Elizabeth Taylor had obits “ready to go” at a minutes notice. People would update their obits as stories broke week by week so in the event of them passing the papers could be up to the minute. And nowadays, with the internet as it is, obits are probably even more up to date and written to [perfection than ever before.

I ask you this. In this day and age how many other stars could have died just like Heath. There are dozens. How many can you think of? Unfortunately booze, drugs and pills are all to common and part of celebrity culture. And Heath’s death has only highlighted this point.

RIP Heath Ledger

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