NEWS: Kate Moss, Anna Friel and the Oscars!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 21st, 2008

I sooooooo wanted the story yesterday in the News of the World about Kate Moss’s ‘orgy’ to be totally true. But of course it seems like it was spun, just a little, to make a fun news story and now Miss Moss is taking them to the cleaners. Kate’s suing over the story that alleged an orgy took place after her 31st birthday party last week. Heads will roll!

Elsewhere in the showbiz world all is pretty quiet – but tomorrow’s magazine will put a smile on all Closer readers faces! We have Anna Friel revealing she’s feeling fitter and healthier than ever and she even gives away her top juicing tips to look as healthy as she does. Oh OK, it’s beetroot, celery and dandelion leaves. Get picking those weeds people.

Keep your eyes peeled for Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria in London this week – she’s jetting in any day now to film the Jonathan Ross show on Thursday evening. She’s rumoured to be pregnant!

I’m highly excited about tomorrow because we get to hear the Oscar Nominations. This year it seems like Keira Knightley’s flick Atonement is sweeping the board with nods. So will it be the same for the Oscars? I think it will. Expect to see James McAvoy, Keira and the films director Joe Wright all getting nominations. My money’s on the film walking away with Best Picture at this year’s glamorous ceremony. And despite the Writer’s Strike it seems the ceremony will almost certainly o ahead. Thank the lord.

Meanwhile click here to see a brilliant backstage video of the girls preparing to go on stage at the O2. It’s a classic insight into the weird and wacky world of Spice.

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