Showbiz News – Mel B, Anna Friel, Olsen twins and Britney!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 16th, 2008

So while I was in LA I also heard loads of gossip! Here are a few of those as well as a delightful picture of me and the gorgeous Anna Friel at the 14th Annual BAFTA LA pre season awards tea party! We were in the garden in Beverly Hills Hotel! The girl’s definitely working with a stylist. And a good one from the looks of it.


  • The multi millionaire Olsen Twins – Mary Kate and Ashley – are adding another string to their bow and have been busy in New York shooting the photography for their new money making venture – a book about their style. They hand picked British photographer Rankin to do the shots for them too. In the book they will reveal what they love to wear and apparently it’s all about vintage right now guys! A source tells me: “They were on set and had over 250 items of clothes to wear for the day. Just over 200 of them were vintage items. There was hardly anything new. It was a Boho girl’s dream.” I bet it was. The book should be in stores in time for the summer.
  • Sources close to Britney tell me Britney’s mother Lynne thinks her main problem is she’s a sex addict! The mole reveals: “Britney’s mum really truly believes she’s not hooked on drugs and prescription pills – she believes Britney has a sex problem.” Maybe that’s her sister problem too…..! I also hear the reason for her locking herself in the bathroom was because she believed Kevin Federline was hitting the kids. The mole says: “Britney was so out of it she mistook eczema on the boys to be bruising – which she believed had been a result of Kevin having the kids. That’s the whole reason this blew up into a frenzy – she’s crazy.”
  • Spice Girl Mel B is organizing a proper big church style wedding to her husband Stephen Belafonte in April. The pair eloped first time around for a quickie Vegas wedding and this time they intend on making everything right and proper with a huge celebrity guest list. Mags are currently fighting to win the rights obviously……rumour has it all the Spice Girls will be bridesmaids. It will be in LA!
  • Natalie Imbruglia is heartbroken after her split and impending divorce with Silverchair hubby Daniel Johns. The Australian singer has flown out to stay with a good friend called Tara in LA. A pal reveals: “She’s relying on her girlfriends to get her through this hard time.” Nat hit top restaurant Koi the night after I went in LA at the weekend.

Over and out. Forever.

Meanwhile – Check out Closer this week to see my Big Interview with Dannii Minogue. It’s the only interview she has done since the end of X-Factor and she talks about the feud with Sharon, plans for the future and men! And also can I just say – you can buy the cool ‘Team Minogue’ gear by clicking here and following the route for merchandise.

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