Goodbye Los Angeles

Posted by Dean Piper On January 14th, 2008

I’ve just finished forcing all my shopping into my case and shortly will be whisked off in my Lincoln to the airport to fly back to the UK. My friends are glad I’m coming home – I understand I’ve missed a few fun nights out. Thank God I’m still detoxing! No booze at all (apart from perhaps seven white wines and two vodka apples whilst in LA – but it’s a different country and it doesn’t count).

Before I left I had a chance to catch up with my pal Ollie and her pal Natasha Henstridge of Species film fame. The three of us went to Coffee Bean at the top of Robertson Boulevard and Tash treated us to a non fat latte. She’s engaged to the UK’s very own Darius Danesh who’s currently in the UK doing auditions for the West End. She told me: “He’s had to stay on a little while because he’s going in to see so many shows. He’s been called back on a couple of shows so he’s excited. He’s so talented and feels at home on the West End.” Indeed.

You will all be seeing a lot more of Natasha soon because she’s about the star in a new TV show – which she describes as Ally McBeal with a spiritual twist – where she co-stars with Brit hunk Johnny Lee Miller and singer George Michael. She says the show’s going down great – well it must have gone down well because she’s shot 13 entire episodes. She reckons the show will make a household name out of Johnny. Good luck to her! She’s a pretty girl as you can see!


Hilariously a tramp came up to Natasha during our coffee and said he could see her bum crack and that he wanted to “touch her”. She turned around and said: “Sir, for your information I don’t like to be touched. Now get out of her before I have to deal with you. I know karate and I don’t want to get angry.” He shat himself and ran off.

Afterwards I popped to the Ivy to have a catch up with Lady V – she’s doing well and planning to come to Europe for the Armani Prive show in Paris next week. I hear from a good source that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise will be the guests of honour. Hoorah.

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