GOLDEN GLOBES -The results….

Posted by Dean Piper On January 14th, 2008

I would have been dressed to the nines in my tux and oozing sophistication on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Instead, thanks to the ongoing writer’s strike, I was sitting in my hotel room watching the results of the usually glamorous event being read out by Ryan Seacrest on E! from a press conference just around the corner at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

And it’s such a shame the awards were cancelled because the British didn’t do badly at all! Joe Wright’s Atonement took best film (despite Keira and James missing out in their categories), Julie Christie won best actress for her role as an Alzheimer’s sufferer in Away From Her, Samantha Morton won best supporting TV actress for her role in Longford and Extras was the surprise winner in the TV Comedy Series category.

It was such a shame lovely Anna Friel missed out in her category to Tine Fey who won for 30 Rock.

It was just so random to see the awards being read out at a press conference by showbiz reporters from US television! I only hope the Oscars go ahead so that I can be there to get all the gossip. In fact reports today say Elton John’s bash – which I usually pop along too – IS going ahead no matter what! Fingers crossed.

Elsewhere today I’ve been enjoying the sun – and dining at Chateau Marmont over lunch. No celebs… hoo. I’m heading out into the night soon to see if any Hollywood royalty will be drowning their sorrows! I hope they are…..until tomorrow people!

For the full list of Golden Globe winners click here!

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