Posted by Dean Piper On January 12th, 2008

So the story goes….Snoop Dogg arrives with his two HUGE bouncers to do the interviews and as they walk into the hotel a manager appears dressed in a suit and starts trailing the rapper spraying air freshener. He sprayed it everywhere in the actual room we did the interview in and left saying: “I can’t have that smell of weed spoiling the natural smell of the hotel.” No joke. Absolutely classic. Snoop rigged of the stuff!


I am the first to admit I always have a preconceived perception of what a celebrity should be like in real life before I’ve had the honour of meeting them. Take Snoop Dogg for instance. I thought he would be difficult to talk to, a little moody and far too bling for me to stand next too. The reality was very different indeed.

Snoop’s an absolute pleasure to meet, has a smaller than expected entourage of six and has a brand spanking new reality show – which features David Beckham in the first episode – and he actually seems like a great dad to his three kids. He’s also very funny. For example – what are his luxuries in life? I would say jewellery, fast cars and huge houses. The reality was: “Greenery!” That would explain those dopey eyes then! The guy clearly likes a toke or two on a doobie!

But when will Snoop be back in the UK after being banned last year for life by the British government… time soon. He told me he may ask Snoop fans HRH Prince William and Harry to help him out. Snoop laughed and told me: “I’ll come back whenever they let me back in. I think you have so many old dudes who have there own way. The Princes and the young generation support me but the older generation doesn’t understand and the Princes are not in enough power. If the old dudes spent time talking to people like the Princes and the younger generation they would realize I’m not what I think they are. They have to remember when the old guys pass away the new guys are going to take over. Then they gonna make a law saying Snoop Dogg can never be banned from that country.”
I really hope they do let him back in – he’s bad by association if you ask me.

In his new reality show you quickly realise he’s driven in life by a bird. Chicken that is. He loves fried chicken and even takes Beckham to a shady looking fried chicken and waffle gaff called Ruscoes. One foreign journo asked him what he would eat if all chickens were killed by bird flu (random or what!). Snoop replied: “If there’s no chicken then I dunno what I’d eat. I just hope that will never happen.”

Read the column in Closer next week to find out what Snoop really thinks of Victoria Beckham and why he says she didn’t approve of the friendship between him and Beckham. And I’ll also reveal what gift Snoop gave to Beckham as a thank you for being on his show…..

Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood featuring David Beckham can be seen on E! Entertainment Television this Sunday at 10.30pm. Then it’s on every Sunday! Hoorah! Sky 152/Virgin TV 173.

After the press conference I randomly bumped into Tilda Swinton wearing excruciatingly high Loubatin heels and a wacky orange dress with little to no make-up. She was leaving the hotel at the same time as me. She was minus handbag too – all she carried was her blackberry. The lady travels light.

In the evening I went out to E! presenter Ryan Seacrest’s restaurant Katana on Sunset. It’s the most gorgeous place with incredible food! I stuffed myself full of sushi. There were also celeb spots to be had there when former Guns and Roses star Slash walked in with his wife. He looks old nowadays. Funny thing was that Ryan had booked our table at the snazzy gaff and it was the best table in the venue – and Slash turned up and hadn’t booked and couldn’t get a table so he left after five minutes. In that five minutes he smoked two fags. No wonder the guitarist looks so blinking old! Seconds after Slash left Missy Elliot arrived with three girl friends. She sat outside near us with huge gypsy earrings on and puffing furiously on a ciggie. She’s still managed to keep that weight off and looked skinny even in her Adidas tracksuit.

Afterwards I went off to catch up with my friend Perez Hilton. He may be a super blogger and nowadays a bonafide celebrity but he’s soon adding another string to his bow. He told me: “I’m recording a single with Rodney Jerkins. I’ve already done one single – I called it My Penis.” He makes me laugh. And check out his weave people – he’s got some interesting hair going on as you can see.



  1. Ben Piper Says:

    You are definitely look very ‘gangsta’ Deano but I think you need a bit more bling!

  2. Eleanora electro Says:

    fo shizzle mo fo………..
    you are too hot for words
    loving the red low “V” neck……….
    pls come back we miss you…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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