Posted by Dean Piper On January 11th, 2008

It’s just gone 7am and I’m up and feeling refreshed. Last night I went out to celebrity hang out Koi for dinner. It wasn’t exactly hip to the hop on the celebrity front but it was fun all the same. Heather Graham was sitting fairly nearby and had a very quick dinner with a bearded guy. Heather’s a little sad though nowadays – a fellow dinner guest said: “Heather’s always hanging out at places where paps wait outside because she wants to be papped. Nobody paps her though.” Gutted!

My table was full of journalists from Australia and a few PRs. I ended up catching up with 3am girl Caroline Hedley who’s based out here now.


Also nearby was billionaire Steve Bing who had that baby with Elizabeth Hurley a few years ago. I can confirm he’s just as ugly in real life. Lizzie must have done it for the money – nobody in their right mind would sleep with him. He was surrounded with young girls and guys and he stood out like a sore thumb with all that grey hair. I’m preparing for Snoop! Hours to go.

And just before I go – I have to tell you about the hotel. The bathroom’s are insane! You could fit two people easily in the bath, three in the walk in shower and there’s ample room elsewhere. Sounds like a party right? JOKE!


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