INTERVIEW with Spice Girl Melanie C

Posted by Dean Piper On January 9th, 2008

So here’s a bit of a treat for you all. I was lucky enough to catch up with the glorious Melanie C from the Spice Girls when I interviewed her for Closer Magazine. She’s a superstar within her own right – and for me the most talented in the band. She’s frank, honest and actually – for me – the Next Best Superstar. See her opinion below on everything from her own record label to the supposed rows between the Spice Girls.

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“Music is still very expensive to make – and once it’s made music is quite worthless thanks to downloading and sharing files and everything. The money nowadays is in the live performance. If my album did well in the UK then Red Girl would be doing well – but in other countries I’m licensed to other labels. So I have the opportunity to make a success of the album and the company in the UK. Because I’ve self financed my last two albums it’s cost me a lot.
I love the freedom creatively and the artwork and the things that I chose to do. I’ve always had freedom but now it’s total freedom. Virgin always gave me a lot of support and were never controlling – but when the company started to suffer I unfortunately became the victim of that.”

“I’m not going to take on any other acts at the moment. The music industry is so unstable right now and it’s too hard. The music industry had it good for a very long time and they didn’t embrace the digital age and more fool them because they’re suffering now. Music is so much more out there now with the web and the digital age – but for somebody like me who’s been in the music industry since the early nineties it’s a big big change. And it’s hard.”

“It’s bollocks. It’s the easiest thing to write isn’t it? The tabloids love that sort of thing. Everybody is in incredible shape, Geri and Victoria look great, we are all in our 30s and the pressures of being in the public eye we know we need to look fit for what we want to do. I always keep fit anyway and take my fitness serious anyway. There is no rivalry”.

“I always wanted longer legs when I was younger – it’s my worst body part. My hands are the best part. I love them. I have a lot of scars on them and they tell stories. I have hands like I’m some gangster from the East End.”

“I have eleven tatts now. I need to stop now though – I’ve got enough and can’t imagine any more right now. I do love them though. I’d love to get more but I think I need to just calm it – it’s a case of whoa there girl!”

“I think there’s been a lot written about Amy and Britney lately and they are solo artists and they are young. I think as a solo artist it’s harder. In a band, like we were, we had a support network of friends that we could identify with. To be honest with you when we got together with Simon Fuller at the very beginning he took care of us. He didn’t put us in situations or places where we would be exposed to drugs. I think drugs have always been around but we were kept away from it by the team. Also, we were that bloody busy we didn’t have time to socialise and yes…..there was no time to have a hangover or to have been messing around with drugs. Thank God. I feel really grateful to have been protected from that side. I don’t want to sound patronising by giving advice to people. But withy Britney she needs to have someone to look after her. She needs to get out of the spot light, get out of the public eye and get strong and deal with whatever’s going on.”

“I think as you get older you see the wood through the trees. When you are young you are vulnerable. No matter what anyone tells you nobody prepares you for the spotlight and famous. Especially with the reality side of things now. I think when you are young and you are reading people’s opinions of yourselves it’s tough. People are horrible – and you don’t always necessarily hear it and when you do it hurts. It’s so bizarre because when you are young you have these dream of what being famous is going to be like and it’s always that you’ll be photographed and give autographs – you don’t think about the drawbacks. When all the negative stuff comes out you are like: “I wasn’t expecting that. It comes as a shock.”

“I started doing yoga in 1998. I started doing astanga and did a bit of bikram but now I’m doing Yasar flow. It’s dynamic creative and the classes are more fun. You do chanting and things like that and it’s very good fun. I go to tri-yoga and the teacher Claire plays music. It’s not hardcore yoga – it’s fun. I obviously taught Geri everything she knew! Ha ha. She’s much more into her yoga than I am.
I love the gym too. I go running and do lots of cycling too.”

“I did read recently after the Spice launch that a plastic surgeon said I’d had botox. I was like: “How can you tell, I had a fringe.” I’d prefer a fringe to botox. As I’ve got older you do feel your face and body changing and you do become quite self conscious. Maybe I would consider botox – but not at the moment. I think that something where you go under the knife and with a general anaesthetic is quite extreme. I’m not sure whether I’d go that far – but never say never! I don’t know about botulism in your face. It’s hard to not go too far. People who have had little bits done over the years are all starting to look the same. People look very stretched and fake.”

“That’s his opinion and I know him and we get on very well. He’s got history with Simon Fuller our manager and it might be about that. For me the whole reunion is about the honour of the Spice Girls and to celebrate our success. It’s our last chance to do a tour of this scale while we’re young and able to do it. I could have said no to this tour and I did say no. But I never would have had the opportunity to play venues like Madison Square Gardens, 17 nights at the O2 centre. I’m a performer so this is a dream.”

“Cynics need to do the sums. We want to put on a great show and a show of this scale, whether it’s somebody like Madonna or Justin Timberlake, they cost a fortune. If you are touring that size of tour for a year then you will make millions. But we are touring for two months and that’s it. None of us want to extend the tour for months and do an exhausting tour. The girls have their families and I want to get back to my solo career. We were very fortunate the first time round – it’s not as if we need the money. Bollocks are we earning £10 million each. I’d love to sit here thinking that – but that’s rubbish. Hopefully we will earn a few quid and I can get a new bathroom but this stuff about us earning millions is ridiculous.”

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  1. Luisa Damulakis Says:

    Lovely interview, thank you so much Dean!

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    I love Melanie C!

  3. Kayleigh Says:

    Melanie C rocks! thanks for this fab interview!

  4. lisa french Says:

    I saw the spice girls at the o2 arena on 13th jan.
    They were all fantastic!
    But melanie’s voice stood out more she is amazing!
    I cant wait for her to restart her solo stuff so i can go see her.
    Well done girls!
    Thank you for putting on the best show i have ever seen!

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    This post helped me a lot!

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