Shock horror – Madonna's slumming it…..

Posted by Dean Piper On January 8th, 2008

I never thought I’d see the day Madge slummed it on her holiday – but hey, just call her the Queen of culture. Madonna is in India!

She’s been touring the slums of Mumbai with Guy and the three kids. The star is taking a well earned break with her family before getting back to work on a new phase in her career. She’s apparently going straight to LA from India according to my spies who say she’s teaming up with Jonas Akerland to shoot the video for new single 4 Minutes To Save The World. The video will also star Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. It’s her first tiptoe into the world of hip hop. I wait nervously for that one to drop!

Anyway M arrived in Mumbai Tuesday morning by chartered plane from the historic city of Udaipur in western India, where they spent New Year’s Eve. Accompanied by bodyguards the family toured Mumbai’s crowded Ambedkar Nagar slums and were showered with rose petals by a few of the locals. The family were being shown around by Australian author Gregory Roberts, whose bestselling autobiographical novel “Shantaram” is set there. The clan even stopped for a roadside meal of a local delicacy called Misal Pav – bread and spicy white peas (macrobiotic obviously) – at a budget restaurant with Roberts, a convicted bank robber who has made Mumbai his home.

I’m assured by Madonna’s people that she has no plans to bring a child home. A rep said: “As far as we know there are no plans for more children as have been rumoured.” To see pictures of Madge and Guy in the slums click here.

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