Golden Globe Chaos!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 6th, 2008

From Thursday I’ll be in LA to bring you the gossip from the Golden Globes! But there may be one small problem – the screen writers strike that’s been gaining momentum since November and now the actors plan to strike and not show up!

I could be short of gossip if the stars do indeed strike and refuse to show up. But will people like Keira Knightley definitely not turn up???? Keira would be p-i-s-s-e-d big style if she won for Atonement and wasn’t there to collect her gong. And what about the Oscars?! This writers strike is seriously ruining my awards season!

My Dad came up with a good idea though – why don’t stars like Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, George Clooney etc etc offer the writers some of their monster royalties and be one with it! It would solve the problem and let’s be honest – they can afford it!

Here’s a shot from one of my last trips to the States! The gorgeous Cameron Diaz – who’s stunning in real life ladies (carry on with that post-Christmas diet people)!!!


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  1. Mrs Kelly Bradley - Formerly Reeves!! Ha Ha woo hoo I'm married!!! Says:

    Great to keep up with all your fun & games now I’m too married and pregnant to join in!!

    lovin your work man x

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