The First blog entry of 2008!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 1st, 2008

So I spent this festive period seriously chilling out – no major nights out and the celebrity world stopped for a few days! I’m gagging to get back. But here’s a few of my choice observations about TV, celeb lives and anything else I can think of.

How refreshing that Billie Piper chose to get married without a crappy magazine deal in the bag. Billie and Lawrence Fox looked blissfully happy being papped outside the church. And thank the lord she let her dad walk her down the aisle – she didn’t even tell her parents she was getting hitched to Chris Evans when she eloped to Vegas for her first wedding!

I know through friends of the pair that Lawrence’s family were not that enamoured with Billie at first (they preferred Lawrence’s ex Martha Swann) but it seems they have come around to liking the Doctor Who star. She’ll be up the duff within months. And what a great mum she’d make.

Christmas television belonged solely to BBC1 if you ask me. I loved the Pavarotti documentary over the break but also watched Doctor Who, EastEnders, To the Manor Born and Catherine Tate Brilliant telly. ITV1 were rubbish for Christmas day – shameful.

How much weight has Myleene Klass lost since having Ava – she was back to her super skinniest on the NYE coverage. Personally I watched the Jools Holland show in the run up to the big night at my friend Henny’s flat. Great fun. Kylie was on fire – although you could so tell she had thick control pants on underneath that dress. She was still smoking hot. And also, Paul McCartney is dying that barnet big time – but he needs to sort the eye bags out if you ask me!

I’m off to Los Angeles within days to cover the Golden Globe Awards and to interview a famous rapper! All the goss will be on here and my blog at Closer.

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