Welcome Dean to your new website!

Posted by admin On November 27th, 2007

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I thought long and hard about what to get you for xmas, couldn’t make my mind up until I purchased www.deanpiper.com and www.deanpiper.co.uk. Then I thought what have I done i’m going to be building and updating your dam site all the time, my life will be hell. To get me out of this jam I took a chance to install WordPress on your site, it’s a full on ‘Content Management System’ and after some tweaking I dont have to do anything – from now on you can update, edit, add delete to your site from any computer in the world that has internet access!So with this in mind I want to see you keep this updated all the time with new pics and stories and thoughts. To do this all you need is your log on details which I will give you once you ask! (a quick training session will be needed)If you are viewing this site I presume that you are using your shiny new macbook, I hope you like it and that bag we got for you!



Please be careful what you say on your site because if you upset any of your famous mates they will be taking you to court not the company you work for!

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