INTERVIEW: James Blunt

January 5th, 2014

Singer James Blunt is having somewhat of a career rebirth right now thanks to his fantastic online smackdowns aimed at evil Twitter trolls.

Initially sceptical about the social networking site, the star is now embracing the power of getting feedback from his fans and critics and giving them hell when they slate him.

“Twitter’s been really funny for me because I’m pretty useless at that kind of thing and I always felt stupid saying what I had for breakfast because it wasn’t interesting,” he says with a smirk. “You have the usual amount of people saying please would you follow me which sounds a little creepy. My parents always told me not to follow strangers.

“And then I started to see what people were saying about the me personally and that was where I saw some negative comments and that’s when Twitter started to be really fun.

“I wasn’t bothered about the negative tweets either way – but I loved laughing about it and engaging with the trolls. I guess people finally got the chance to see my self-depracating humour!”

Over the past few months, he’s perfected the Twitter smackdown responses for the people who slag him off online. People such as @alif_novaldi, who felt the need to tweet: “F*** you, James Blunt.” Blunt was straight back at him with: “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to get to the back of the queue.”

A query from @laurenlyall about why he sings like “his willy is being stood on”. Blunt snapped back: “Damn thing’s always getting caught under my feet.”

When @blackeyelined sneered: “Who’s the bigger twat, Robin Thicke or James Blunt”, James squealed: “Me! Me! Pick me!”

Such responses prompted website Buzzfeed to list 17 Reasons You Should Be Following James Blunt on Twitter (which can be condensed into one line: because he’s funny).

James laughs at the buzz saying: “I never really had a chance to show who I am. Twitter’s become the simplest way for me to be myself, rather than the guy people know for just one over-played song.”

The singer proved his comedy worth on the Christmas special of Celebrity Juice this week alongside Keith Lemon, Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby and his latest album, Moon Landing, was classified Gold after just two weeks of sales. He narrowly missed out on hitting number one – selling just 8,000 copies less than US superstar Katy Perry with her latest album Prism, all backed up by what has been an undeniable smash – the hit song ‘Bonfire Heart’, his first Top 5 single since ’1973′ some seven years ago.

But even with 20 million album sales under his belt and endless sell-out tours around the world since he hit the music scene in 2004 with debut album Back To Bedlam, he’s thankful to be back and appreciated.

“I’m over the moon and it’s totally taken me by surprise at how well Moon Landing has been received,” the 39-year-old says at his London home. “What’s surprising and great to see is people saying, ‘I like the album and I’m prepared to say so.’

“Outside the UK things have been amazing too. I’ve been spending a sh*t load of time in the States but also around the world things couldn’t be going any better. Australia’s been brilliant, I’ve got my first number one in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and number two in Canada. It’s just flown and it’s been awesome Life is good.”

Part of the recently-engaged singer’s happiness these days has to be down to the fact behind the scenes he’s settled down with fiancé Sofia Wellesley, 30 – granddaughter of Arthur Valerian Wellesley, the 8th Duke of Wellington. The pair have been dating for nearly two years and things appear to be serious, with Sofia recently deciding to take time out from working for Cherie Blair as a human rights lawyer to join him on tour when he hits the road on New Year’s Eve in Shanghai, China.

But just because the star’s settling down, doesn’t mean he’s ready to stop playing the kid. “Sure, I’m getting older,” he huffs jokily. “Maybe it’s time to head out to LA and have some surgery done?”

“I do a very immature job if you think about it too. I get on a bus with 12 men and we go and drink beer, do some music and travel the world. It’s a young mans game and I live it like that until things change.”

When you meet James in real life you immediately realise he’s a joker at heart. He’s full of life and spends as many of his days when he’s not on tour at his £2 million luxury Ibiza villa – a present to himself after his first album’s success.

He calls the six-bedroom property his main home and loves having friends come and stay throughout the summer months. James, who also has London and Verbier homes, recently decided he needed a more of a unique method of transport to get to and from the island’s famed nightclubs and shipped a Tuk Tuk over from Thailand to swerve rush hour traffic.

“Well I love a motorbike and hate being stuck in traffic,” he explains. “But the roads in Ibiza are pretty dangerous – mainly because of the states everybody is in leaving nightclubs.

“You have to be with it and visible if you’re going to drive so I got a tuk tuk in Bangkok and shipped it back and I’ve got it now in Ibiza. It’s all decorated and ha flashing lights.

“It’s actually the most awesome thing I’ve ever bought. The plan is for it to go to clubs with us. Everybody wants a ride in the tuk tuk so in the future I might start charging. When things go wrong with all the singing I will be found driving a tuk tuk around Ibiza for a price.”

It’s easy to forget when you’re with James that he spent six years from the age of 21 in 1996 in the army, serving as an armoured reconnaissance officer in the NATO deployment in Kosovo.

Training initially at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Life Guards, a unit of the Household Cavalry, where he rose to the rank of captain.

When his time in Kosovo began in 1999 James was initially assigned reconnaissance of the Republic of Macedonia-Yugoslavia border. The singer, who travelled with his guitar strapped to the outside of his tank, and his unit worked ahead of the front lines directing forces and targeting Serb positions for the NATO bombing campaign.

The lessons he learnt within the army have stayed with him and he’s keen to lay down his thoughts on army cuts and why he thinks the people of the UK are the people truly looking after our injured troops, not the current government.

“They’re not supported enough on the ground with the modern equipment they need,” James explains. “When I was there in Kosovo I was one of the only ones with a GPS because I went and bought my own. Everyone else was using World War 2 maps. Soldiers often supplement their own kit, but all too often, it feels like we’re sending them in to fight with one arm tied behind their backs.”

James last made a trip out to perform and meet the troops in Afghanistan at Christmas 2011 and found out firsthand how tricky things are for the troops heading to the frontline.

“The planes were 40-year old Tristars. We were sending our soldiers to war in vintage aircraft. Of my three journeys accompanying our soldiers to Afghanistan, none of them made it. While one of our brave soldiers is going into battle, his buddy, who he relies on, is either stuck on a runway at Brize Norton, or developing an airleak over Dubai, or dumping fuel over the Mediterranean because the wheels won’t come up after take off in Cyprus.”

After huge press outcry, in many ways helped by articles James wrote in the broadsheets, the RAF has started replacing the Tristars with new Voyagers – modified Airbus A330′s.

Another area that concerns the singer is the treatment our troops receive when the come home from combat injured.

He thinks the government fail to live up to their responsibilities, and says the great British public are the true heroes for those returning from war injured.

“For over a decade, our politicians sent our soldiers into wars that some of us, for good reason, struggled to entirely believe in,” he explains. “But despite that, the public recognised that we voted in those politicians, and so if they can’t live up to their responsibilities to look after our injured soldiers, we will. Help For Heroes (of which James is a patron) was set up in a small tin shed, but has basically grown into a publicly-funded institution. Our soldiers do an amazing, selfless job of trying to bring peace and stability to someone else’s country, and the British public have been their champions every step of the way. You can never underestimate how much that means to the men and women on the frontline, and to the injured soldiers on their return.”

Memories of his time in the army will clearly stay with him for life. He’s still friends with many of the troops he served with and still hears from his Sergeant Major occasionally too.

Performing at the recent Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, James’ tour manager received an email from Garrison Sergeant Major Mott, the most senior Sergeant Major in the British army, with a clothing request for the singer – who’s famed for his love of a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt on stage.

James laughs: “I knew Sergeant Major Mott from my time at Sandhurst and he sent an email to me via my tour manager saying, ‘very much looking forward to seeing Mr Blunt cleanly shaved and not wearing the devil’s cloth’ – meaning jeans. I wore a suit that day of course – because you really don’t want to f*** with the Garrison Sergeant Major!”

James Blunt’s new album Moon Landing is out now, for tour dates log onto

INTERVIEW: Ricky Martin

January 18th, 2013

Latino superstar Ricky Martin is known all over the world thanks to his monstrous dance floor fillers.
Tracks like Livin’ La Vida Loca, She Bangs, La Copa de la Vida and Shake Your Bon-Bon ensured Ricky became a global household name in the late nineties and he quickly sold over 60 million albums.
But it’s fair to say in the UK Ricky, 40, was always deemed the cheesy singer from the Latin world who wouldn’t get off our radio.
The Ricky that sits before you today is a very different man. He’s confident, positive and on a mission to do good.
In March 2010, after years of speculation from his fans and the media, Ricky decided to go public and confirm he was a gay man announcing on his website: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”
But if could have done one thing differently in his life, he reveals he would have come out of the closet YEARS before.
Speaking backstage on the set of Evita where he’s playing the lead role of Che opposite Elena Roger, the Puerto Rican born star says: “It felt amazing when I came out.
“And if I realised how amazing it was going to feel then I would have come out a long time ago. Sometimes I think about it and say to myself, ‘can I come out again?’. That’s how incredible it was for me. It was completely life changing.
“And apparently it’s been a good thing for other people with the fact that I shared my story. Being able to talk to parents, cousins, brothers, sisters, boys, girls, adolescents that are struggling themselves. Just knowing themselves. When I told me story apparently it made things easier for them. If I touched one persons emotions and it made things more liberating for them then I’m happy. It’s about self esteem and dignity at the end of the day. I had no idea what the reaction was going to be and I just did what I needed to do to feel free and happy and it’s been beautiful.”
These days Ricky’s on the brink of a comeback. He’s about to head back into the studio to start work on new music, he’s writing a children’s book to be released next year, he’s going to be a coach on the Australian version of The Voice early next year and he’s signed a big deal with NBC to develop a “dramady” TV sitcom which he will pilot later in 2013.
But first and foremost his job is being a father to his twin boys, Matteo and Valentino. The babies were born in August 2008 by a surrogate mother, Australian Liza Santolini.

He describes himself as a “single father” throughout our interview but says he’s loving fatherhood. “They’re amazing,” he beams. “And they’re growing up so fast. They’ve changed my life completely and I can’t imagine my life without them. “I’m always going to be a busy single father. I’ll do music and I’ll never stop on that. I’m writing all the time at the minute for the next album.
“It’s handy having twins too – especially with the children’s book because they can proof read it. I can multi task and I love everything I’m doing – I’ve always been full on and better working than not. The kids want me to be happy and I’m fine being this busy right now.”
Ricky’s one celebrity that isn’t afraid to use his voice. He looks up to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as his heroes and is nearly overwhelmingly enthusiastic during our interview to explain why he’s so committed to working with AIDS and human trafficking charities and spreading the word on safe sex education.
After a trip with a friend at the height of his fame in 2001 to India he started the Ricky Martin Foundation, a non-profit charity organisation aimed at eliminating human trafficking.
“A friend was building an orphanage and that’s when I was going to the streets and literally rescuing girls that were going to be forced into prostitution,” he says seriously. “The girls were all under the age of 10. This was in 2001 so I was a pretty big name then.
“These girls were babies – some were as young as six years old. That was the moment that changed my life. I couldn’t believe what was going on there. I came back to the States and researched it, learnt about the subject and created an area of my foundation that concentrated on sexual slavery in kids. I wanted to know where it happens, how it happens and how AIDS was involved.
“It was a lump in my throat that I needed to get involved in and try and help.
“If we as celebrities have an opportunity to use our voice then we should. Even if I plant a seed and get things out there and people hear about what’s going on then I’ve done some good. That’s what happened with me when I heard about the human trafficking. I heard about it and then decided I wanted to try and help.
“For many years I did it quietly without anybody knowing because I thought people would think I was doing it for the recognition. But then I realised that people will listen if I talk. I know many activists that do a beautiful job for many years but don’t have the platform that I have.
“Angelina Jolie is my hero when it comes to speaking out and having a voice. She’s taught Brad Pitt a lot about it and now they’re an amazing couple that fight for their beliefs.”

Ricky’s biggest project right now is spreading the word about how the Latin world is ignoring the threat of AIDS by failing to practice safe sex.
With MAC cosmetics he’s teamed up with Nicki Minaj for a VIVA GLAM campaign where 100 per cent of profits from the pair’s range going to men, women and children living with AIDS.
“A lot of people think AIDS is something that hit the world in the eighties – but it’s not,” he says seriously. “AIDS is a huge problem right now in Latin America especially and all over the world. The numbers are saying the opposite.
“For me as a Latin American it’s really awful. The numbers in Latin America are huge.
“The numbers of infected people in 2008 are more than that of the States. That’s alarming. And it’s because people in Latin America do not seem to talk about sex. Only 40 per cent of adolescents in the Latin world know that AIDS is contracted through sex. That must change.”
He continues: “They don’t use condoms – it’s as simple as that. And it’s really sad when people say AIDS is an issue for gays. It’s not just gay communities that are struggling with AIDS.
“Women, children, straight communities are struggling with AIDS. It’s everywhere. Denial is a very dangerous thing. And this power complex of grandiosity of saying it’s not going to happen with me. Or ‘I believe in God and he won’t punish me’ is not going to work. People need to talk about AIDS.”
Just as he’s leaving our meeting in his dressing room – which is scented with the most wondrous scented candle I’ve ever smelled – he reflects on where his life is at right now.
“Everything is so good in my life,” he says. “I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I lived quietly before I came out for many years and it was exhausting. I stopped being myself and it crushed me because I was trying to please people all the time. This part of my life is about feeling and sharing. For many years I would lie and say yes to everything – but I wasn’t being healthy. I’ve learnt to say no and that’;s important.”

Ricky joins Nicki Minaj as one of the faces of MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM campaign – further information at Ricky appears in Evita on Broadway in NYC until January 26.


December 10th, 2012

Melanie Chisholm may be deemed the strongest vocalist in the Spice Girls, but one thing she wouldn’t want to have is the attention of the band’s highest profile member Victoria Beckham.
Single mother Melanie, 38, says she’s glad she made the decision to keep a low profile private life all those years ago when the band begun.
Melanie said: “I decided a long time ago that I was going to live my life quietly and not be parading around. It’s hard to talk about privacy because some people will be saying, ‘you f***ing wish people gave a s**t about you’. But I was always cautious.
“The thing is with Victoria is she did obviously fall in love with David and became part of a very high profile celebrity couple and they did get a lot of attention.
“There were obviously advantages to it and it had it’s positive aspects. But these days they now have a big family and still have incredibly successful careers.
“I’m sure they probably yearn for a little bit more privacy. But to their credit they never really complain. And it’s not exactly like anybody except them knows what happens in their lives behind closed doors.”
Melanie, dubbed Sporty Spice due to her love of sportswear in the old days, says the girls have overcome any issues with working as a five-some and she won’t rule out rejoining the band at some point.
The star’s always been vocal over the years – once saying there wasn’t a “chance in hell” of reforming years before she regrouped for their Reunion tour in 2008.
“I know I have always been quite punchy when it came to saying I never wanted to be part of the band again,” she admits. “But it’s getting to the point where we’re happy working together. The doors not closed these days.
“The thing that’s difficult about doing more touring or something is that the Olympics was so huge for us. It was a massive deal. And the fact it was so big could scupper something happening again. It would have to be something very special indeed to get us back together again. I’d love to work with the girls again but, you know, everyone’s busy these days. I haven’t closed the door this time though.”
Melanie, who announced she’d split from partner Tom Starr after ten years together in the summer, is humble about what she achieved with the band. And she doubts the pop world will ever have a repeat of the success.
Mel says: “It’s difficult because things are so different now. I guess we have much more access to people these days.
“The Spice Girls were probably one of the last bands of that era that had mystery. I mean, look at the success of One Direction right now. We’ve seen everything. They were just solo guys auditioning for X Factor. But with us girls there was a little bit of privacy behind the scenes. It’s a mad world right now with twitter, reality TV and the internet. There are so many celebrities out there that live their lives in the media and it takes away all the excitement in my opinion.”
Melanie is riding the crest of a wave after a successful year. Her album Stages propelled her back into chart success, she was a judge on ITV1′s Superstar searching for a Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s arena production and she took the role of Mary Magdalene herself.
Next year she’s planning on recording another pop record and before that she’s preparing to go back on the road in the Jesus Christ production as it makes stops in Australia and the US.
First and foremost she’s going to spend as much time as possible with daughter Scarlet, three, who sounds like a hoot. Melanie chuckles when asked if she’s shown Scarlet the Spice Girls movie yet.
“Erm, she’s either to young or mummy can’t actually face to put it on,” she says. “She likes the Spice Girls. She knows mummy is a Spice Girl but often she sees the band pictures and she points to me and Victoria and says we’re both mummy. I’ll take that. Jessie J is the best person in the world. Mummy is the second.”

VIVA FOREVER! opens tomorrow night at the Piccadilly Theatre – for more information.

INTERVIEW: Emma Bunton

December 10th, 2012

Thousands of women dressed up as Baby Spice over the years – so it’s only fitting Emma Bunton keeps a well stocked fancy dress cupboard full of her original outfits for family members to raid.
But it’s not just family who try to get into the fancy dress vault – This Morning’s Holly Willoughby tried too.
Emma, 36, laughs as she reveals: “I’m a fancy dress shop these days. I still have all my original Buffalo boots and most of my outfits. I had Holly around mine a while back and she was desperate to dress up in some of the outfits. She kept saying, ‘don’t let me in there – I’ll never come out’ so I would only let her have a peek. I feel like we need a Spice Girls night at mine where we get a bit tipsy and try on all the outfits.
“Next time the girls come over I think we should have a dress up session. I’ve got a niece and some cousins who are getting into Spice Girls music and they called me recently because they were doing a show at school and wanted to do Spice Girls. One of my nieces borrowed my Buffalos.”
After announcing her engagement to boyfriend of 11 years Jade Jones two years ago, Emma Bunton admits she’s still no closer to getting hitched.
The singer, who lives with chef Jade and their two sons Beau, five, and 19-month-old Tate, laughs: “We had an amazing engagement party at home last year and had everyone over for dinner, but I have no idea when we’ll get married.
“The problem is I’m terrible at organising – I couldn’t arrange a p***-up in a brewery! We’re both Aquarians and we’re very much ‘take each day as it comes’. So who knows? I mean, one day we might elope and decide to run off. Or just do it in the garden. But then again it might not happen.”
The blonde singer, who says she’s beginning to firm up plans for a musical comeback as a solo star, has admitted she can hardly remember the glory days of the band hen they were at the height of their fame traveling the world.
She’s suffering from Spice amnesia. She explained: “I had just come straight out of college to join the Spice Girls. It’s gone very fast and it’s only just recently that I’ve been able to start enjoying everything fully and start taking things in. It’s hard for me to remember anything about when we were just getting started. I couldn’t even process anything because it was so crazy.
“It was complete madness and hard work. It was planes, hotels and jetlag. And it’s probably only since the reunion tour four years ago that I’ve really been able to enjoy myself. I can process things now and enjoy memories but God knows where we went on the first time around. I literally have no idea.”
She added she regularly gets embarrassed when people remind her of situations they got themselves in. She says seriously: “Oh don’t. I feel so bad sometimes when I’m asked about what we did, where we went, who we met and I honestly don’t have a clue. Being a Spice Girl was the biggest blur.”
Emma also took the chance to stand up for band mate Victoria Beckham after she was widely criticised for her solemn appearance at the Viva Forever musical launch. “Victoria bloody loves being a Spice Girl,” Emma says. “She just does. It makes me laugh because she can’t win. Look back at her in the old days and she never smiled – she pouted. It’s one of those things that will never ever change. The thing about her is she’s probably got one of the best senses of humour out of us all.”

VIVA FOREVER! opens tomorrow at the Piccadilly Theatre – for more information!

INTERVIEW: Geri Halliwell

December 10th, 2012

As the driving force behind the Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell’s always had her girls by her side.
But whereas women have played a stable part in her life so far it’s always been a case of men coming second for this Spice Girl.
Geri may be single for now but this is one lady ready for love. So does she believe she can have a fairytale ending and meet the man of her dreams?
“That’s a really interesting question,” she says cautiously. “The deal is I’m really open to relationships and marriage. You know that marriage was designed originally because people only really lived until thirty years of age. That was fine. “But that was back in a the time where being divorced was really frowned upon.
“But nowadays divorce is accepted so much more. I’d like to think there was a fairytale ending for me and I’m very open to it. You’ll have to ask me when I’m 90 years old and I’ll let you know the answer.”
As Ginger Spice, she was the most confident and ballsiest Spice, but the star admits she broke down in tears when she watched the first run through of Viva Forever the musical. The emotion of seeing the songs the girls wrote 16 years ago was too much for Geri, 40.
And she thinks that on Tuesday, when all five Spices get together to watch the opening night at the Piccadilly Theatre – a lot more tears will be shed.
Geri reveals: “When we got to see the first run through in outfits, it was just was incredible. We were being filmed by cameras for the TV show that airs at Christmas to get our reaction and I felt conscious because I was very tearful and couldn’t control it at all.
“It was just so emotional watching our songs being interpreted on stage. There was a mixture of ‘who would’ve thought our songs would be here like this 16 years later’.
“I’m really proud because this show shows our songs in the natural and most brilliant glory. I always think the sign of a good song is if ten years on it still sounds good. There’s a big difference between a track and a song. A track is yeah yeah whatever. A song is WOW. It’s like there’s a big difference between fashion and true style.”
Geri, who quit the band in 1998, has only good things to say about her time as a Spice Girl.
You only need to spend a few minutes with her to realise exactly why she was at the centre of the band that took over the world. She could sell girl power by the truckload.
In fact, it is down to her with the help of Emma Bunton, that the musical celebrating all things Spice has been made at all.
She explains: “Emma and I are always the perfect little partnership when it comes to organising things. When it came to the reunion it was she and I and when it came to the Olympics it was she and I. And with the musical it was the same.
“Our job is to rally the troops and we have a great balanced energy. We went and initially met Judy Craymer and saw Mamma Mia together and went back to my house and had a cup of tea. It was like going on a date with Judy and hoping you got on – and fortunately we did. We connected so well.”

And once Judy, of the phenomenally successful production of Mamma Mia, was on board as producer Geri knew the musical would work out perfectly. “I’ve always felt that our songs were for everyone and our spirit was always strong,” she says. “I believed our music would be around throughout the rest of our lifetimes. I never doubted it for a second. Did I think 20 years ago that we’d be on the West End with our music? No. But I knew we would still be remembered.”
There’s no doubt Geri, who has daughter Bluebell, six, from her brief relationship with film producer Sacha Gervasi, wants to tour with the girls again. She can’t hide her excitement when discussing the future of the band and the possibility of joining forces once more.
She throws her hands in the air to accentuate her point: “I don’t think the door has shut on us never performing again. I’d literally love to do more shows. I think we should.
“I 100 per cent believe we should do more shows. I have the best time performing with those girls and I’d be delighted if it happened again. I can’t speak for the other girls, but if you’re asking me then it would be a wonderful thing for it to happen. All the fans would love it. I can’t think of a reason not to do another show.”
The singer – who dated Russell Brand briefly in September and split from Chelsea businessman Henry Beckwith last year after three years together – admits she’s too busy looking after her girl Bluebell to concentrate on her mission to find Mr Right anyway.
She erupts into fits of hysterics when I ask if Bluebell’s seen the Spice Girls movie as yet. “Oh my God I should show her the Spice Girls movie,” she says. “I’ve never ever thrown the Spice Girls down her throat so she hasn’t seen it yet but I’m going to do that. She’s coming to the premiere with me of Viva Forever so she will get the picture after that about exactly what goes on when mum is in Spice Girl mode. People at school ask her about the band and she has grown up with it all and I guess she understands it to a point. But the movie will help.” It sure will.

VIVA FOREVER! opens at the Piccadilly Theatre tomorrow – visit for more information.


December 8th, 2012

In a world of manufactured cheesy pop acts it’s refreshing to get to spend time with some bona fide true talent.
 And P!nk didn’t fail to disappoint when I sat down with her this week at her the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge.

She’s outspoken, frighteningly honest and you can ask her anything you want and you’ll always get an answer. Especially surprising considering she’s currently one of the biggest music stars in the world, most recently topping the charts with her sixth album The Truth About Love.

She flops herself down on the couch next to me and comes right up into my face and says: “How’s this? Intimidated yet?”

“Erm, no.” I reply as she slurps on a cup of tea and questions “why the hell do grapes have to have seeds”.

P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, is fun with a big F and she has the dirtiest laugh going.  Tiny in real life, we spend much of our time discussing food, exercise and just how she got her body back in shape after giving birth to first daughter Willow 18 months ago.

“I put on 60 lbs and I was huge,” she snorts. “But using Bio Oil means I haven’t got one stretch mark. I used to eat entire buckets of chicken wings and once I ate an entire cheesecake in one sitting. It was really fun being pregnant and I do want more kids at some point. But I ain’t going that big next time. It hurts to be that big.

“I’m terrible when it comes to food too. I’m the kind of girl who says she’s not going to eat bread and then I eat an entire loaf. Like some old chuffer.

“I remember when Britney, Beyonce and I did the Pepsi commercial years ago and they were so disciplined. Beyonce is like a God. Her discipline is top notch and we were all eating dinner and she said she was trying to lose three pounds for the shoot so she forgo all the good yummy s**t which then made it’s way down to me and I ate the lot. I gained the three pounds.

“Oh I want to point out I had to work to get my body back in shape. Trust me. I’m not the snap back kind. I eat far too much cheesecake for that to be the case.”

So if she eats like she does then how does she manage to stay so ripped and Pink-like? A lot of gym work is the key.

“I have to work out a lot,” the 33-year-old star says. “That’s the only way to do it. All the stuff I do is core based work out. All the acrobatics, all the silks and stunts I do on tour mean I need to be strong.

“If you want sick abs you need to hang upside down by your feet and do sit ups. You have to. And you can’t cut corners. And for me it was huge because I had an emergency C-section so they cut your stomach muscles. You’re 
screwed. I couldn’t even sit up on my own for like two and a half months and that scared the begeezers out of me. I do an hour and a half a day for five days a week plus all my rehearsals on top of that.”

P!nk said she felt sorry for the Duchess of Cambridge when news of her morning sickness and pregnancy broke this week – but revealed her own pregnancy was traumatizing for another reason. “I didn’t have any morning sickness at all – I just had genuine rage throughout my pregnancy,” she explained. “Not just a little bit. I’m talking 28 Days Later rage. Demonic eyes and I wanted to kill everybody. I remember the first time my husband Carey pissed me off during my pregnancy and I bit his head off…his eyes glazed over he was so scared. He realised this is how it was and he better
not say another f***ing word. I wasn’t pukey – I was just angry. I was having fights in supermarkets and telling people to p**s off all the time. I completely understand why people can be scared of me. But underneath all that rage I’m a petite tulip.”

The star goes straight into rehearsals for her next world tour when she returns to the States after her appearance at this weekend’s headline appearance at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 in London. 
In previous tours the former gymnast has pushed the boundaries of live performance with acrobatic stunts and Cirque Du Soleil style efforts. It must be touch and go to get herself insured on the road. She reveals she has to personally visit her insurance office and tell them every possible scenario of things that can go wrong – and exactly why she won’t kill herself in the process.

P!nk says: “I have no idea how I get insured. I have to show them option A, B and C – in any given situation. I need to show that I won’t die. So it’s a case of me saying if this rope fails me then I can jump onto that rope and I won’t kill myself. Literally. You need to show them you have an exit plan at all times. I always try my hardest not to die.

“I’m going to go bigger and better on the next tour. People are telling me to shoot myself out of a cannon. At this point that’s all I can do really. Another idea I had was to shoot myself out of a cannon in a Velcro suit and Carey goes off a ramp on his bike (he’s a motocross motorcycle racer) in Velcro and we meet in the middle.”

If her appearance at the recent American Music Awards is anything to go by then the tour promises to be unreal.
The singer, who married hubby Carey in 2006, performed an artistic gymnastic dance routine as she does in the Try video with all live vocals.
 There were so many things that could go wrong – bit thankfully it went without a hitch.
 She explains: “That was a performance that made me nervous. That wasn’t a, ‘oh f*** I hope they like me nervous’ that was a, ‘I hope I don’t fall, smash my head open and my brains come out’ nervous. It was insane. There were probably 50 or 60 things that could go wrong with that.

“Those are the nerves that I love. It’s like when I tour with the silks, the bungees and all the s**t that I do. I love pushing myself. It’s a very motivating nerve. You have to stay in the game like an athlete. It’s really exciting having that much that can go wrong.”

Finally we spoke about her 20 plus tattoos and whether or not she regrets any of them. She’s tried removing one tattoo behind her left ear – but couldn’t handle the pain of laser removal.
 “Those lasers hurt like a bitch,” she said. “I did one session and walked out. My friend was like it doesn’t hurt too much and I was like, ‘you are a f***ing liar’. It was awful. It was ten times worse than the actual tattoo.

“I’m fine knowing I’m going to be 80 with all these tattoos. They’re all really meaningful. I don’t love tattoos – but I honestly forget that I have them.
 Then I see a picture of me and think yes I do look kinda trashy.
“I love wearing a classy gown with tattoos. Clippers and a gown and I’m happy. People on the red carpet are funny because you can see them thinking: “Wow, that WAS a pretty gown.”

P!nk is one of a kind. And it was a genuine thrill to chat, and laugh, with her.

P!nk’s album The Truth About Love is out now and she tours the UK in April.

The stars turn out for ‘Vitalised Vintage’ launch

December 8th, 2012

Vitalised Vintage is THE website all the stars are clambering to get to for all their vintage needs. Poppy Delevingne’s bosom buddy Ellie Shepherd launched her new business showcasing Vintage clothing that’s received all the work it needed to be brought to life. An amazing concept. Models Jade Parfitt (above) and cover girl Leah de Wavrin were in attendance at Notting Hill’s Paradise last week where Andrew Farrar prints of the debut collection adorned the walls. Check out to find your own slice of vintage heaven.

Above: VV’s Ellie Shepherd and beautiful model Leah de Wavrin

Bryan Ferry introduces ‘The Jazz Age’ at Annabel’s

November 24th, 2012

With Christmas coming up there’s a great new album for the festive season. I’m loving Bryan Ferry’s new album The Jazz Age. All his biggest hits reworked with an orchestra and with a twist – they’re all instrumentals.
Bryan invited me down to Annabel’s this week to his star studded dinner to launch the album. Valentino mingled with Philip Treacy, Mario Testino nattered to Gary Kemp and Michelle Rodriguez made an appearnce late in the night. The party was hosted by The Vinyl factory and we all slurped Johnnie Walker Blue Label cocktails. Bryan told me why he decided to record a voiceless album with the jazz theme. He said: “After 40 years of making records, both in and out of Roxy Music, I thought now might be an interesting moment to revisit some of these songs, and approach them as instrumentals in the style of that magical 1920s period, bringing a new and different life to these songs – a life without words.”
Bryan’s a lovely man and the album is a real winner.